Don't fear your smear

Without your health you have nothing, are we right? The 10-16th of June marks Cervical Screening Awareness Week. Cervical screening - a smear test, is the number one way to protect yourself against cervical cancer. It detects changes in your cells which if left untreated can develop into cervical cancer. If you are overdue your smear test or if you have never had one we urge you to do something for yourself and make the appointment. We learned through Jo's Cervical Cancer Trust that 71% of young women who delay their smear test feel scared. We get it, a smear isn't going to be the highlight of anyone's day but this appointment can be life-saving. Girls, it's time to get over the smear fear! There are so many resources out there to help you feel more comfortable and supported. The appointment only takes 5 minutes and can stop cancer before it starts.

Do yourself a favour and make the call. 


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