Get Your Sh*t Together

It's a nice thought isn't it, the one of having all your sh*t together but what does it even mean? We can't answer that because it's something very personal, something different to everyone but we can tell you it doesn't mean being "perfect". Perfect doesn't exist, being "perfect" is an unrealistic expectation that we tend to put on ourselves 🙄 
For the most though, having your sh*t together is usually some elements of :
⭐️ Physically Fit ( working out regularly, eating well and generally looking after your body)
⭐️ Mentally ( being happy, content, confident)
⭐️ Socially ( being in a committed relationship, having a great circle of friends)
⭐️ Financially ( Not in debt, on the property ladder, reasonable disposable income)
⭐️ Career ( Excelling in your job, enjoying what you do, working towards your next promotion)
For some, it can be as simple as having the bills paid at the end of each month and for others it's wilder dreams of 4 holidays a year, fancy cars and designer bags. Either way is cool 😎 No one but you gets to define what it means to "have your sh*t together". Wherever you are in life right now, it's never too late to take a moment to stop, look at where you are and figure out where you want to be, and then girls you gotta do whatever it takes to get that sh*t done!! 😝
We call that SLAYING!! 
And we slay alllllllll day!! Did you slay today?⚡️⚡️
Until next time, you can catch us on instagram
Krista & Jo xx

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