Happy Galentines Day!

WAIT WHAT?? Yes, we said Galentines! The best unofficial holiday. LOVE is one of the key components at Rich Girls Club but if the thought of February the 14th has you cringing in your seats and you are vowing not to leave the house then don't worry We got you! What about celebrating Galentines Day? It may be a completely made up day ( see Parks & Recreation Season 2) but we love the concept behind it. A day for celebrating your girls, whether you're single, dating, married or don't know what F is going on, February the 13th is a day for you and your besties. Who will you be celebrating with?

Finding your best friend is a special time. It could be a life long bond that dates back to practicing the latest Take That dance routines in the school playground or it could be a formed over your love for an ice-cold glass of Pino, either way when you find that bond, it's something special, it should be cherished and appreciated. We're sharing with you 10 reasons why your best friend is someone to love.....

Time doesn't matter. Whether your texting all day every day or weeks can fly by, time simply doesn't matter.

You can always pick up where you left off.

She makes everything a good time. A trip to Tesco can turn into the highlight of your week when you're with your bestie.

She keeps it real. This girl isn't afraid to call you out when you're out of line. Truth hurts sometimes right?

You have the same core beliefs. Being kind always. Doing everything with love and cheese is life? Right?!

If you call at 2am, you know she'll answer. Maybe grumpy but she'll answer. Her wardrobe is your wardrobe. After all, sharing is caring. 

She makes you food. And that's love right there?

She's seen you at your darkest time and never left your side.

She doesn't judge you when you ugly cry. 

She just makes you want to be a better person.


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