5 ways to bust the lockdown blues

Are you feeling like you're in a bit of a funk right now? So many things are out with our control and it can be really difficult to accept but at Rich Girls Club we always turn our focus to the things we can control and distract ourselves from the things we can't.
We're sharing with you 5 tips for busting the lockdown blues:
  • Acknowledge and accept that it's ok to feel sad, it's ok to feel scared or angry. Reach out and confide in someone you trust. They may not have the answers but sometimes even just sharing your true feelings can make you feel lighter.
  • Take a walk and leave your phone at home. When was the last time you went somewhere and intentionally left your phone behind? Some time away, even for a little walk with out any distractions can lift your mood.
  • Create some new ways to connect with your friends and family. Who says you still can't dress up and have cocktails with the girls.
  • Sleep. If your usual sleeping habits have been disrupted and you're having too many late nights your body will soon let you know. Get some early nights in and you'll start to feel more refreshed. 
  • It doesn't matter if you aren't nailing a home workout every day but keep active, keep moving and resist the urge to binge watch Tiger King all day.
This won't last forever. Remember how strong and resilient you are. When you can't see the light, ignite your own and let it burn bright girl! 

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