Millionaire Morning

Do you have a morning routine or are you just winging it most days? For me, I'm all about routines, in every aspect of my life. It helps keep my head clear, my thoughts organised and makes me more productive as lord knows I can be the queen of procrastination and with everything that's going in the world right now, I need a routine more than ever. What I've had to do though is adapt. I've never been in a situation before where my husband and both my children are home full time ( like most people I'm sure) so although I love routine, it's 100% flexible. I'm all about making progress, not perfection. 

I've put together for you some tips and ideas to get you started with your own morning routine that will set you up fro success, even in these uncertain times. 

Try incorporating all or some of these tips into your mornings and I promise you will see positive changes in your mood and productivity.

Stay safe, Krista xx

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