Did the Spice Girls define a generation?

I was a kid in the 90's when the Spice Girls burst onto the scene, screaming messages of Girl Power. Even hearing those two words now "Girl Power" I'm thrown back to memories of Union Jack dresses, platform trainers, space buns and friendship that never ends. I was 10 years old when Wannabe was released, young impressionable and like many young girls, didn't really know who I was. Then these five girls came along. Loud, with the coolest clothes but all very different, shapes, sizes, skin and hair colours. Someone everyone could relate to. It was a little sense of belonging.

Almost overnight you couldn't go anywhere without hearing or seeing some part of the Spice mania that took over the world. From Pepsi to Polaroid they were everywhere and all me and my friends wanted was to be part of it.

I believe that the Spice Girls were amongst the first of what we now call "influencers" At the time, I didn't appreciate just how important that was but now at 34 and as a mum of two little girls I have a much greater sense of the importance of having strong female role models from a young age. Especially now that my children are growing up in a very different world from what I did. I was part of the pre-internet generation ( I think I'll save this topic for a separate post.)

Wether you were a fan or not their is no denying the Spice Girls taught many girls of my generation the basic principles of Girl Power - strength, friendship, positivity and the courage to just be yourself!! I try every day to pass these things along to my girls.

I'm so proud to be part of a small but perfectly formed female founded business. Our tee's are only a small way to spread the message of female empowerment but we are champions and cheerleaders for all the girls out there.

So this International Women's Day I want to say Spice Girls I salute you. You were my first glimpse of what it meant to be a girls girl and I'll carry that with me for my entire life.

Viva Forever

Krista x


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