Stay-cay or Vacay?

We're 3 weeks into the Summer holidays here in Scotland and we're lucky that the sun has been shinning for most of it. We aren't going away on our big family holiday until October this year, it still seems like a lifetime away but I'm sure it will creep up before I know it but to keep us going until then ( and the kids busy in the holidays) we decided to have a little family stay-cation. We packed up the car ( bikes in tow) and headed off to Rowardennan which sits on the banks of Loch Lomond. A beautiful, peaceful little place with no WIFI and barely any 4G signal. The very thought of no WIFI can be enough to send me into a cold sweat but it was truly wonderful just to be "switched off" from the online world for awhile. I'm a self confessed Instagram addict so of course, I enjoyed a little check on the gram every now and again but it was just so nice just to have that little break. 

We dined outdoors, rode bikes ( first time outside of the gym since I was a teenager), swam in the loch, went paddle boarding, built a campfire, roasted marshmallows, went on adventure walks, explored castles and just generally spent some quality time together in our beautiful country as a family.  Scotland, you are simply breathtaking. I can't quite explain just how nice it felt to have a little digital detox, get outdoors and really re-connect with my little family of 4. 

I hope my girls grow up remembering all the little things we do together as a family, the special moments. It's all about quality time, no amount of money could buy the joy I seen on their faces during this trip. I truly am rich in LOVE.

What have you got planned this summer? Are you team Stay-cay or Vacay? Talk to me below.

Love, Krista xx

Team RGC


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