The need for LOVE

We as humans have a basic need to belong, it's an emotional need in which we feel accepted in a group. This could be a family setting, a personal relationship, a friendship group or in our workplace. Wherever it may be, we all seek to feel part of something that is higher than ourselves. Belonging to something makes us feel needed, wanted and loved. At Rich Girls Club we talk about "finding your kind" but why is it so important? Well, as the law of attraction states you attract into your life whatever you are focusing on and this couldn't be more true for the people who you choose to have in your life.

Yep we said it, it's your CHOICE. You and no one else is responsible for the environment you are in and the people who are in it. Choose wisely.

We go together like G&T

But sometimes it can be hard to find your tribe right? That's why we love the power of social media. It can often get a lot of stick for being a negative place but we couldn't disagree more. The internet is the greatest resource we have for connecting you to people that you otherwise wouldn't have the chance to meet in your own present life. It's a place where you can go to draw inspiration, to feel uplifted or to simply just have a bit of fun. At Rich Girls Club, we're dedicated to building a community of like-minded women so if you aren't already, come on over to Instagram and join us You can ALWAYS sit with us. You just have to come say hi.

So when you find your tribe, whether that be in your present life or online - love them hard. Let them know they are your people. Cheer them on, stay loyal, be there for the ups and downs because when you have the right people in your life - anything is possible, that's when the magic happens.


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