We've missed you gals!

Hey! It's been awhile.

A long while. A year......we've been in hibernation. For those who maybe don't know, we juggle several businesses and like everyone, sometimes we drop a ball....We didn't completely forget about Rich Girls, we just had to turn our energy elsewhere for a while but RGC was always in our hearts.

January has to supposed to be this klick ass month for starting a fresh, new goals and all that right?! Which yes we love but January is also one if not THE busiest month for our sister businesses J K Business Services and Financial Growth Academy. We're flying out for our first in person ( International) speaking event in long ass time tomorrow ( eeeeeeeeek) and well we just haven't been able to do all the new things that we want to just yet but it's coming!

We just wanted to say hi and that we've missed you.


Who's still out there......anyone.....come say hi over on Instagram


Krista & Jo xoxoxo

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