All about me

My own business journey so far has been wonderful, bumpy, amazing and more. I’ve experienced first hand the effect that a positive mindset, surrounding myself with affirmations and truly believing that I’m already rich in all aspects of my life has had – I can’t overestimate the part this has played in getting me to where I am today.

I’ve been fortunate to create multiple businesses during my life so far. Some have worked amazingly well, some have failed quite dramatically! But I’ve always learnt, grown and recovered.

Today, I’m a qualified bookkeeper with a successful practice in Edinburgh. I recently created an online training academy that enables me to support female entrepreneurs across the UK to flourish and become successful business owners themselves. I’ve generated profits, supported charities close to my heart and invested for my future.

I love teaching women how to create solid financial systems and processes. I have personally experienced, and observed in the lives of others, that when armed with this knowledge and empowered with a positive money mindset, we are truly unstoppable.

Despite spending every day managing money for my clients and in my own businesses, I firmly believe that money alone does not make you rich. To lead a truly rich life requires abundance in three important areas: Love, Health and Wealth.

I know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that surrounding myself with affirmations and working on developing and sustaining a positive mindset has led to my multiple business successes. Now I want to help you use these techniques to create your own success and riches … in all areas of your life.

Jo x

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