Our Story

Who are we?
Rich Girls Club was founded towards the end of 2018 by Jo and myself (Krista) with an aim to empower and inspire women to lead a life that's RICH in LOVE, HEALTH and WEALTH.
What do we do?
We design and hand print our positive slogans on ethically made,  fairwear, organic cotton pieces and donate a portion from every sale to our nominated charities. 
Because it's true girls, we believe you can have it all. You just have to be determined, focused and intentional. We believe in being kind always and the power of giving back. You are responsible for you own happiness but we're here to cheer you along and give you a few practical tips along the way about creating a positive mindset and manifesting those dreams!
P.S if you would like to know more about Jo's personal journey to becoming a rich girl click here.
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